Timeline for Junior Festival Participation

Read complete instructions on each form.


Area Chairmen and Teachers
Join a Sr. Club in your area of the state and pay dues directly to that club, or pay for an Individual Membership ($50) and send the fee directly to the AFMC Treasurer.


Area Chairmen

  1. Send in form Ark Jr. Site to the AFMC Festival Chairman, due September 1, after having secured the site, date and time for your area Festival.
  2. Find out from teachers an estimate of the number of students who will be involved in the upcoming Festival.
  3. Obtain from the NFMC website under Festivals the brochure (free download) JR 3-18 (Junior Festival Procedures Manual).

Also helpful are:


  1. Order a Federation Festivals Bulletin from the National Federation of Music Clubs: (317) 882-4003 or www.nfmc-music.org
  2. Read the first part of the book for instructions: “General Festival Rules” and “Official Federation Cup Award Plan.” Regulations are listed within each category in which you might enter students.


Area Chairmen
Send in form Ark Jr. Order to the AFMC Festival Chairman, due October 1. The order may include written Theory Tests, State Certificates, Superior Certificates and Consecutive Superior Certificates.


  1. Send in form Ark Jr. Dues plus the fee to the AFMC Treasurer, due November 1. The fee is $22 for a Jr. Club of 16 or less members, and $1.50 per member for Jr. Clubs of 17 or more members. Plus, send $6 per teacher/counselor for the required subscription to Junior Keynotes Magazine.
  2. Purchase copies of the “required” music selections, as listed in the Bulletin, from music stores in your area and online.


Area Chairmen

  1. Procure judges to adjudicate at the Festival.
  2. Let teachers know the deadline date for items you need from them: fees, applications, “office work.”

Offer to assist the Area Chairman either before the Festival or during the day of the event.


Area Chairmen
Fill out and send in Ark JR 3-3 (Summary) and Ark JR 3-4 (Scores) within 2 weeks after the Festival.

Fill out and send in Ark JR 4-2 (Cup) within 2 weeks after the Festival if you participate in the “Federation Cup Award Plan.”

AFMC Festival Chairman & Federation Cup Chairman
Shelly Brown
20 Penny Lou Ln
Texarkana, AR 71854-8375
(903) 824-0501 (cell)