Festival Guidelines

The NFMC Festivals Program is designed to give Junior and Adult member musicians of all abilities the opportunity to perform and receive a yearly evaluation in a non-competitive environment. AFMC offers this Festival to students of music teachers who are members of the federated organization.


  1. Area Chairs and Teachers must have a state and national Senior Membership.
  2. Teachers will form a Junior Club with their students and will give the group a name for recognition. The Teacher will then become a Jr. Counselor. Multiple Teachers may group their respective students together to form a Jr. Club.
  3. A Festival site must consist of at least three Teachers/Jr. Counselors who have Senior Membership. No single-Teacher Festival sites will be recognized.
  4. Although Area Chairs make many decisions concerning their Festivals, they are ultimately accountable to the AFMC Festival Chair, who is, in turn, accountable to the AFMC President.
  5. Teachers may choose which Festival site to attend with their students.
  6. Teachers and Area Chairs are responsible for following the rules of Festivals as listed in the Federation Festivals Bulletin, the Music Clubs Magazine and the Junior Keynotes Magazine.
  7. The AFMC President and AFMC Festival Chair will be responsible for establishing new Festival areas and obtaining competent Area Chairs. Festival sites will be placed in target areas to accommodate the greatest number of participants. Should it become necessary to discontinue a Festival site, the same officials will attend to the matter.
  8. All forms/reports regarding Juniors and Festivals should be sent to the AFMC Festival Chair, except for the Cup Award form, which will be sent to the AFMC Federation Cup Award Chair. All fees will be sent to the State Treasurer.

Current Festival & Federation Cup Chair:
Shelly Brown
20 Penny Lou Ln
Texarkana, AR 71854-8375
(903) 824-0501 (cell)

Current AFMC Treasurer:
Jimmie Sinquefield
208 E Walters Blvd
New Boston, TX 75570-3807
(903) 276-7139 (home)