Barb’s Lyrics – June 2015

Well it has been awhile since a newsletter has been emailed so I am going to try to get a short one completed before I leave for Fargo ND this Saturday. I have been very busy after the Convention. I came home in such relief that I could kick my shoes off and just take a deep breath and say well done my faithful servants for a job well done and take a long seista. But you know God has such a huge sense of humor. The rains came and came and came. Now do not get me wrong there is nothing like taking a nap with the music of rain coming down from the heavens abovr. But I did not get to take that siesta that I so thought I deserved. My daughter and son in law bouught a house . They had been renting for a good while . She teaches 2nd grade and they had to be our of their rental house by end of May or sooner. Well guess who packed . Yep Mom and Dad to the rescue. You know as a parent you never quit being a Mom and Dad not matter how old or how long they are married. That just comes with the contract that God gave us when He allowed us to borrow them until he decides he needs them. So we went in the rains over the long weekends and helped her pack , move , unpack and set her house back up. Now if that was not enough to kill us while we were doing all this in the terristial rains and storms or lake was rising. We have a small MH on Lake Wright Patman near Texarkana This is our vacation , get away and a small bit of heaven get away for us that we have had for over 35 years. Well you guess it. The lake was already at flood level . So guess what we had to do. Oh but we had so much experince that month so God knew what he was doing all along. So we packed up our MH and believe it or not we own a huge MH truck to move us with . That another story. But to make it short . A man who move us went out of business and sold his truck at a really cheap price so we grabbed it just for the reason of moving our MH out. You see our lake was built just for heavy rains. It is called a flood lake. So we have to move out about every 5 years. We know the drill and have done it for years But it certainly does not make it any easier. So after a long paragraph and most have lost interest that is why this newsletter is late getting it out. God bless you all you have two more years to put up with me. But I do love all of you so very much. I am so looking forward in serving you and being your Master of whatever you need . I promise I will do my best to listen and work hard toward getting Arkansas Clubs and its members to the place where you will have the authority to make our organization what YOU want it to be. It is yours to make and place in the position to grow and to nuture our students and adults to be the best they can be at their profession and in their lives not only in the arts but just everyday living. My prayer is for God to use me to direct , encourage and to get the materials and info you need to do the work within your clubs as a teacher, officer or worker. So you can fulfill the needs of your community, schools , colleges and our organization not only with the Art of music but having the power to help anyone to grow and be that person He or she wants to be. I am here 24 hours around the clock. If you need anything please call or email me and I will do my best to get what you need or work toward getting your problem solved. We have clubs that are starting from scratch and using the roots they have to make a plan and plant seeds in their community for AFMC for the work we do. My prayers are with those clubs that are struggling to stay as a club even if it means extra work for the few who meet and go forth with helping their community and chldren. Don’t give up . We have a purpose and God sees and he will Bless those who strive to do right and help his children. I will do whatever it takes to help those who need it. Those who do not need the help I encourage you to look in your district and see if YOU can do anything to help those clubs that are in need financially and workwise. We are a FAMILY and family should help each other. So my challenge to you is to make a few calls to your neighboring clubs and see if you can be of any help in anyway. I had one club that paid the dues for our National State Convention we are in charge of in 2016 in Tulsa, OK of a club that is struggling finanicially. This is what we are about. If we cannot help one another then how can we reach out truithfully to your own community. Our conference is coming up in September. This will be a huge one. I need all that can come to be there. We have a lot coming up to take care of . Our festival teachers: I NEED ALL TO COME TO THIS CONFERENCE. We are having to relocate teachers that did individual Festivals to a group are or site of at leastt three teachers. I know this has upset some of our Festival teachers but we have to go with what National has set the rules for. I will say this: Our festivals were set up for our students to get the experience of being around other students , getting involved with what other students do and being in a setting of how a festival is suppose to be held. I know it is not convient for a teacher to drive and have to have times set that are not convient for you or the student . But that is part of life itself that our children need to learn. It is NOT a competition. But my students always told me the one thing they loved about our festival was talking to other students that played the same pieces that they did or maybe have something in common; My older students actually made friends with some of the out of town students especially my teen Girls and Boys ,, if you know what I mean. Lol It is a social event as well as a judging event. I know many of you used judges that you knew well and they were more than quailified. But our festivals were set where the children would not know necessarily the judge and the judge does not know them. This is what our festival were set out to be for our students. It is a growing process for them and a Really good one. Please do not mis undestand what I am trying to say. I have been a Festival teacher and a chairman. I have seen both sides of the coin. I am such a supporter for our festivals. I saw my students grow each year they did our festivals. They grew in confidence not only with their playing but with their everyday purpose. I had students that had no self esteem at all. And after they did our festivals grew into strong self esteem students and have grown up to be strong musicians , leaders and even parents. I am really telling my age here. (: But my point is that it is about the student. That is the real purpose of our festivals. So please do not throw in the towel with the festival just because you will have to come to a group site. Yes you may have to drive an hour to get to the site. But now days an hours drive is a hop to Walmart. So I am begging our festival teachers to please just give it a try if not for you do it for your students. I will have much to tell at our conference and will be able to answer your questions hopefully with this National Convention I am going to. Dues is another topic that we need some discussion on. I do have good news on that part so you will need to come to the conference to get that news first hand. Put the date on your calendar now. IT IS SEPTEMBER 12TH IN LITTLE ROCK. Same place , same time. I will havev our call sent out in early August. I am going to a workshop in Fargo for the online registration . National is still trying to work out the bugs of this system.. We have to be patient with all of this . We certainly do not want to have it in our hands and then have all sort of problems with bugs and glitches that you and I know can cause many hours of work to redo .
So I am glad National is taking care of things now and getting all ready for us to use.
Everyone have a great summer and a safe one.

Bentonville State Convention

Our State convention was a HUGE success. We had a record of attendance of members and guest which made us have a record attendance. I am hoping that some of guest will become members. Friday night the Majority of us met at Copelands for dinner with our guest Jim Swiggart and Michael Edwards. We had a great time of fellowship and the dinner was awesome. That evening we had a wonderful perfomance of the NWACC Choir and with the help of Jim Swiggart we had the priviledge of hearing Willie Sullivan sing. He was awesome. He sang several pieces and was enjoyed by all. Our own Janine Tiner accompanied Willie and we were so proud of her. If you ever get a chance to hear Wille perform do it you will not be disappointed, Jim also gave us info of IPFAC that was so informative. A reception followed and no one really wanted to leave we enjoyed visiting with each other.
Saturday started really early with our District Meetings and our General Session followed where our 2015 -2017 Officers were sworn in by our National Guest Michael Edwards.

We had several issues of business that passed and revised this year. The standing rule of the clubs giving 10% of the earnings if they held a fund raiser during our State Convention was changed to read that all the monies earned would go to the disrtrict to help off set the cost of the convention and the district would be responsible for any cost of setting up of tables, room rental, and advertisement , etc.
The guidelines for the Presidents expenses was passed and if you wish to read those guideline you can go to our web and find out what the restrictions was on the money that Bill gave for Presidential Expenses. Bill Yick gave the State $2,000 for PresIdent Expenses to be used but only under the guidelines that were listed.

Our Jr day was such a success. We had students playing piano solos, and concertos. We also had Mandie Query’s students playing the violin which was such a treat and these students were just awesome. We also had Tanys Ellezian pupils to play the students concertos and piano solos. If you were not there you missed hearing some very special students perform .
Our workshop that Sheree worked so hard and long on had no students to stay and learn but that did not stop our adults going for it. I was so jealous because I did not have the time to join in on the fun our adult members and guest were having learning the folk dances that Sheree had planned for our students. Our students are so busy and some had other committements that they had to get to and could not stay. But our adults made up for the absents of the students. The laughter filled the room . So thank you Sheree for all the work and fun you brought toward the convention. I have pics and hope to get them on this newsletter.
Our afternoon Lunch was very good and or National Guest gave a wonderful speech of encourageing our jrs about change and what the future holds for our Jrs Gloria recognized our Important Arkansas People and I will try to get that list in my next newsletter because I have mis laid my list . But I will find it and get that list to you . I do that Ernie and I were on that list and we were so surprised and very gracious for our certificate and praise that Gloria gave us. Thank you Gloria.
The day ended with our announcement of where our next year’s convention will be held and it will be in Little Rock . I do not have a date at this time but as soon as I have it I will give it to you.
After the covention was over Ernie and I had the priviledge of taking Michael out to dinner and He was so very gracious and gave Ernie and I so much advise. He told me of his plans of what He is going to be working on for our JR Dep. And He has a good plan. It will not be an over night plan but it will take him couple of years to get all he wants to do in place. So I am excited for what he is going to do as our National President. As Erinie and I drove home Sunday we were so exhausted but I felt good about all that we accomplished during our convention and how well things ran through out the weekend So my hats off to the NW distrtict for a job well done.

Bill has also gave another $10.000 endowment funds to go to the Bill Yicks Award . We will have two this coming year that will allow two colleges to be able to have one student from each college to be awarded these scholarships. We are so excited and so grateful for Bill’s generous heart.

By the way Bill is getting married to Laresa Sept 5th. I am guessing he will be moving to Texas. So we might not see him around much anymore. We will wish him the best. I have been invited to the wedding . So I will give details to who would like them after I go the wedding.

Adam and I will be needing your info for our directories by end of June or early August. So we sure could use all of your help by getting your club membership to us with good addresses and email addresses. Also I need to know if your club has a NEW PRESIDENTS . PLEASE …I need their name and their address info and email address asap


July 15-18 is Federated Days and the operas are:
The Tales of Hoffmann
by Jacques Offenbach
La traviata
by Giuseppe Verdi
La Cenerentola
by Gioachino Rossini
I will to not be able to attend this year. This will be the first year I have had to miss since I have been going for the last 7 years.. So I am going to miss it so very much. But my children thought I was not going to be President another term ,nor did I, and planned a very special anniversary cruise for us along with our families and some or our friends. So I am afraid I cannot miss that. But Audrey Reeves has accepted my invitation to fill in for me . She has done this drill many times so we are in good hands. I really hope many of you will try to go. If you have never been I promise you will go back if you ever go just once. It is so much fun and the operas are always just wonderful. I have never been disappointed. Ernie and I are going to try to go see the operas before federated days and before we leave on our cruise on the 10th. Our Anniversary is the 11th and we have been married for 47 years. Where did the time go? I do want to thank Audrey for filling in for me so I can be with my family and friends on this special time of our lives.

I need someone to fill really big shoes: Gloria Grilk will no longer serve as our Presidents Counselor.
You Club Presidents know what all Gloria brought to our confernce for all the Presidents. It was nice , neat and all in a folder for you Well, I need someone to fill her shoes. Its not a hard job. But it is one where you will make many copies of the reports and also give info on all a President will need to fulfill the year. SO IF ANYONE WILL TAKE THE CHAIR MANSHIP OF PRESIDENTS COUNCIL I WILL BE SO APPRECIATIVE. I need to know soon.


July 15-18, 2015
Inspiration Point Federation Days Eureka Springs, Arkansas
Our lunch theme is Cinderella.
September 12, 2015
AFMC Conference Second Presbyterian Church Little Rock, Arkansas
April 15-16, 2016
AFMC State Convention Second Presbyterian Church Little Rock, Arkansas hosted by Central District

I visited some really neat programs this year with our Club.

I had a wondeful visit with the Searcy club and their President Dee Spann. We all need to keep this club in our prayers as they start to rebuild and try to get new members to start almost from the ground up again. Dee asked me to come back sometime next year to see how they are progressing. I have no doubt that this club will fly because of the dedicated members I talked to and the love and passion they have for their over 100 year old club. They also have a President that cares and is devoted to the club .So we wish them God speed and much success this coming year.
Hot Springs had a wonderful program of adults and young people performing, I meet so many wondeful people . Hot Spring is so full of talented and very very gifted students and Adults. They had everthing from a Piano Solo to violin to organ music performed that day and it was so amazing. They have a strong set of members that have so much to give to their club . Sheree has done a temendous job as President and I a sure the next President will be as much or more. There is no worries with this club. They are strong and willing to go that extra mile for their members and for afnc. I enjoyed meeting and visiting with everyone.
I was invited to Little Rock to the Little Rock Coteire’s meeting at the Governor’s
Mansion. We had the enjoyment of hearing Nel Rutman perform at the Mansion. I got to meet the Mayor and visited with many of the members of the Coterie. Ernie and I always enjoy this meeting at the end of the year. So thank you Don Bingham and all the Coterie members for inviting me and allowing to be a part of such a wonderful performance and meeting.
I was invited to Jonesboro to the Special Needs Program and I got to say a few words about the students at the end of the program. The ones of you that saw these children perform at our Convention in Jonesboro know just how special their perfomance is. Pat Qualls and Lynn Williams do a wonderful job with these special children. It was a 2 hour program and I did not see anyone leaving or bored at all. The amount of talent theses children have is huge. I am posting pictures of some of the performance. Pat directs these students every year for this program and you can see the joy and enthusiaism these kids have when they are on the stage performing. They have so much fun and they had Elvis this year as a performer. He was so great and funny.
I think of the verse in Psalms 13-16 Especically Verse 14, I praise you for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. As I have worked with kids uniquely formed by their maker and wonderfully put together , they all have the same desire. Expression . Expression is one of the greatest attributes God has given us. It is an attribute made for his praise. This comes in many forms: singing, dancing, playing , art, and so much more. This is a God given ability that is there in order to praise him. For many of these children , it is hard to find the key to unlocking this gift, but once it is found , we cherish and nourish it . We feed it with loving hearts, and encourage it with parise of our own. This praise is not necessarily how well they do it, but how much our Father in heaven rejoices over them using this expression to bring him glory. I really want to encourage all to reach out and give support and energy toward not only our special needs but ALL of our young people that are living in a time that art and music is not considered academic or necessary. There is scientific proof that our children as well as adults benefit from all sources of art and music. I saw that proof at this performance of these special needs program. The words of Harry Potter says “ Ah music , he said, wiping he eyes,. A magic beyond all we do here!” I pray for all of us the strength to teach our children what they must learn and the humiltiy and wisdom to learn from them so that we might teach better.
This is why I love to come and visit your clubs. We have as a State maybe not a huge bank roll but we have so many wonderful gifted and talented adults and students. I applaud all of you for the accomplishments that all of you have made toward music and Art. I am so very proud to be Your President I will be visiting more of our clubs this coming fall and spring . I should finish up seeing all of our active 19 clubs by the end of this year.

Hope I will see some of you at our Conference in September. Everyone have a wonderful summer and be safe. Please read and get all the dates and info placed on your calendars. Whatever I have left out of this newsletter I will catch I the next. I will be in touch with emails I am sure and also with the Call. Love you all and God Bless Each of you!!

Hope is the ability to hear the musicof the future
Faith is the courage to dance to it today!

God Bless