Report of AFMC Finance Review Committee to the AFMC Board of Directors

At the 2015 AFMC Conference, then-President Barbara Baugh appointed a Finance Review Committee comprised of:

  • Ouida Keck
  • Byron Reeves
  • Jerry Taylor
  • Tom Mason
  • Frank Ferguson

The committee’s purpose was to review the procedures for reimbursing expenses for travel by the state President. The Finance Review Committee elected Frank Ferguson to chair the committee.

The Finance Review Committee makes the following recommendations to the AFMC Board of Directors:

  1. Make funding all of the President’s expenses while conducting AFMC business a priority in the future.
  2. Amend Standing Rule 11
  3. Amend Standing Rule 12

Standing Rule 11:

  1. The State President will be reimbursed for expenses to National Meetings following the Guidelines/Policies for AFMC Presidential Allotment Requests.
    1. All reimbursements must be made in accordance with rules established by the Finance Committee which in no way endanger the 501 (c)(3) status of AFMC. The annual AFMC Operating Budget will reflect the amount of funds available for reimbursement. Reimbursement requests can only be paid from available funds.
    2. Only the AFMC President in office may request funds from this line item. If this officer goes out of office immediately after approved expenses are incurred, they are eligible for reimbursement for expenses incurred while in office if submitted within one week.
    3. Receipts and an allotment request form must be submitted for approval to non-designated Finance Committee members (the President and Treasurer are designated members of this committee). These should be sent to the Finance Chairman and he/she will validate receipts and distribute request information to the remaining two committee members for approval. Once approved, the Finance Chairman will forward the request and receipts along to the Treasurer for payment to the President.
    4. If mileage is submitted, beginning and ending odometer readings must be submitted along with number of miles. The allowed reimbursement for mileage is 14 cents per mile (IRS non-profit rate). Hotel expenses (up to $100 per night) may be submitted as part of the transportation expenses when driving. In the event that there is a choice between driving or flying to an event, reimbursement will be given on the lower costing total of these two transportation means. (Distance and travel time may be a consideration when approval is requested.)
    5. The following items with proper documentation are eligible for reimbursement:
      1. Desk expenses: paper, envelopes, postage, faxes, copying/printing related to being President
      2. Expenses to NFMC Conventions and Conferences, including registration and travel expenses, will be reimbursed. Other expenses such as convention scheduled meals/tours and lodging will be paid if funds are available.
      3. Transportation, Hotel for the minimum number of nights required of the President in the Official Call to be at meetings, Registration, Scheduled meals and tours (with meals involved)
      4. Transportation to required meetings (see allowed amounts above)
        • IPFAC Federation Days (provided funds are available)
        • OIO out of state Board meetings
      5. Additional Total Transportation allocation of up to $100 to attend meetings deemed essential by the President such as convention planning meetings, club reorganization meetings, etc.
      6. Additional OIO out of state Board Meeting Expenses:
        • Scheduled meal events
        • Hotel for up to 2 nights (maximum of $100 per night)
      7. Additional IPFAC Federation Days Expenses (provided funds are available)
        • Registration and scheduled meals
        • Hotel for up to 4 nights (maximum of $100 per night)
    6. No additional expenses other than those indicated above will be approved. Expense allotments will not be paid in advance. Reimbursement cannot exceed the amount set aside in the budget for this purpose or by funds donated for this use. If money is given in the future for an endowment to support presidential reimbursement, only the endowment earnings (not principal) can be used for presidential expenses.

Standing Rule 12

  1. The Arkansas National Board Member will be reimbursed for registration and travel expenses to National meetings, as funds are available. Additional expenses including lodging and convention-related meals may be reimbursed as funds are available.