AFMC Awards and Competitions

The Marie Smallwood Thomas Biennial Award is given by the Arkansas Federation of Music Clubs to assist musicians in the pursuit of an advanced music (masters or doctoral) degree. The award is made possible by an endowment given by Marie Smallwood Thomas and named in her honor. The amount of the award is $2,000.

Applicants must be native born or naturalized citizens of the United States and residents in or of Arkansas.

Preference is given to singers, but all advanced music degree candidates are invited to apply.

Deadline for application is March 15th in the odd numbered years

The following application procedures will apply to both degree applicants.  Applications will be sent to the AFMC Vice President, Chair of the Award.

A complete application will consist of the following

  1. Resumé
  2. Proof of US citizenship or Naturalization paper from the Immigration Department
  3. Statement of applicant’s goals
  4. Proof of acceptance for doctoral or master’s program
  5. Letter of recommendation from the major professor in the music department where the applicant is studying

The Arkansas Federation of Music Clubs First Vice President will Chair the Marie Smallwood Thomas Committee with two additional members appointed by the President. The Chair will be responsible for recruiting applicants and for publicity.

AFMC Vice President 2021-23

The AFMC William Yick Collegiate Award was established in 2014 by Mr. William Yick, Past AFMC President. The award is sponsored by the Arkansas Federation of Music Clubs.

Amount of Award

Approximately $500 (depending on prevailing interest rates)

Award amounts may fluctuate from year to year due to changing economic conditions and varying interest rates. 

Institution Eligibility

Any two Arkansas colleges (2-or 4-year) or universities that are currently designated as an AFMC Federated Institution*

The Award will be presented to a music major currently enrolled at an AFMC Federated Institution based on an AFMC predetermined rotation schedule that stipulates which of these institutions will be eligible to select a student for the award in any given year

In the Fall, AFMC will contact the Music Department Chair of the institutions to select a qualified student who meets (or exceeds) the recipient eligibility requirements outlined below

Note: The Award will not be made to the same student or the same AFMC Federated Institution for two consecutive years

Recipient Eligibility

Student must be both a United States citizen and currently enrolled as a music major at an AFMC Federated Institution

Student must have completed 24 or more credit hours (music and non-music courses) from an AFMC Federated Institution

Student must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0

Student will be chosen by the Music Department Chair in consultation with the student’s primary instructor of applied music (voice, piano, etc.) and/or the student’s academic advisor

Student should be recognized by the Music Department Chair and the primary applied instructor (or academic advisor) for their contributions to music performance and/or scholarship 

Notification & Presentation of Award

Student recipients will be presented with both a certificate and a monetary award at the annual AFMC Fall Conference or the biennial AFMC Spring Convention.

Music Department Chairs must report to the AFMC Contact (above) the full contact information of the student who has been selected to receive the Award no later than

February 1.

Student recipients may be invited to perform at the AFMC Fall Conference or biennial Spring Convention and/or share briefly about their music research

AFMC Federated Institutions are Arkansas College and University Music Departments that have paid an annual membership fee to AFMC in order for their students to be eligible to apply for a number of awards and competitions sponsored by AFMC. For more information about specific awards and competitions, see the NFMC Competitions and Awards Chart.

State Chair:

Award: $500

Application Requirements

Ages 16 and older

Eligibility: a citizen of Arkansas or proof of two year residency

Composition Requirements: 

Composition should not be a published work.

It should be written for voice, instrument, or ensemble.

The composition should be written so that it can be presented at an Arkansas Federation of Music Clubs’ event.

Application Deadline: May 1, 2022

Send a completed application form postmarked by May 1.  Applications must be sent by US mail to:

Gloria Grilk
P.O. Box 5092
Bella Vista, AR 72714

Composition Deadline: August 1, 2022  The composition must also be sent to Gloria Febro Grilk and postmarked by August 1.

The Award will be presented at Fall Conference, September, 2022, with a performance of the composition.

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